My aim is to create high-quality transcriptions of performances that showcase exceptional musicianship, extraordinary technical ability, or that anyone may be interested in learning what was played. When no official sheet music is available, transcription becomes the next best thing to understand on a deeper level how a performer creates their music.

I try to curate transcriptions of the most incredible performances from a range of genres and cultures. Although many transcriptions are jazz as these are often the pieces where no official sheet music can be found, you can find transcriptions from genres including barbershop, boogie-woogie, and DCI.

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About Premium Membership

I have long promised that all the transcriptions I publish will remain free to download, including the PDF and the notation software source file (normally MuseScore/Sibelius). This is because I don’t think that anyone should be financially restricted from accessing musical resources, in a creative area that is already expensive.

I’m still in high school, so don’t always have time to research videos, transcribe, edit videos, provide support and manage the channel. This is why you’ll sometimes see that a video is transcribed by someone else (you’ll know because their name is on the title page at the start of the video and also in the description). This can get really expensive, really fast! Supporting with a Premium Membership allows me to create more transcriptions of longer, playable pieces that might not get so many views but are still absolutely worth transcribing.