How To Transcribe Music

I cannot tell you exactly how to identify the notes in a chord or notate a certain rhythm. That is only possible with practice and ear training through transcribing. It does not matter if your first transcriptions are awful – so were mine – but they will get better every time.

How To Grow On Youtube

I have uploaded videos onto my channel since May 2020, but it only hit the algorithm in June 2021. I’m writing this post in response to the people who ask me how I achieve consistently high view counts on my transcription videos, to show you what you can apply to your own channel. Some of

How To Create A Transcription Video

I get lots of comments asking how I make the video of the transcriptions with the beat guide marker, so I thought I’ll make a quick tutorial. Requirements notation software (Sibelius, MuseScore) video editing software (Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Final Cut, iMovie) a lot of time How-to Exporting the transcription as images After transcribing the