Due to holidays, we’re currently not taking transcription requests. Please try again from August 20th!

This form is for commissioning a paid transcription. To suggest a video for consideration on the channel, use the Discord server.

Our team of transcribers can transcribe any piece you need to be transcribed, from jazz solos and piano performances to brass ensembles choirs. Transcriptions are done manually, note by note, to create an accurate score for you to perform.

The cost of music transcription is affected by:

  • length
  • instrument (polyphonic instruments like piano will take more time and cost more)
  • piece complexity
  • recording audio quality

We do not currently transcribe drums or guitar.

Example Pricing

Cost: $40

  • monophonic instrument solo
  • simple complexity
  • good audio quality

Cost: $75

  • polyphonic instrument
  • simple repetitive left hand
  • complex right hand melody
  • good audio quality
  • short length

Cost: $50

  • two instruments
  • simple parts
  • good audio quality